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Who we are

Ark Resettlement Services, are dedicated to reducing crime and reoffending in communities across London. We design and deliver programmes that equip people with the skills, advice, attitude and support they need to move their lives on and move away from crime. ARK Resettlement Services was established as a response to the needs of the growing numbers of homeless ex-offenders they began to accommodate within their general needs accommodation in North London.


  • To reduce social exclusion and its impact by providing specialist housing for vulnerable ex-offenders
  • To support homeless ex-offenders to fulfil their potential and have a positive and brighter future


Our values underpin the work we do and form an integral part of ARK Resettlement Services:-

  • to reduce poverty and homelessness
  • to improve social and living skills
  • to reduce unhealthy living styles
  • to increase potential for future training/employment


We recognise that every single client is entitled to dignity and respect and the best possible support they can get to help them move on in their lives. Our values underpin the work we do and form an integral part of ARKRS:

Inclusive – We develop wide ranging services which are accessible to and meet the needs of London’s diverse communities, particularly those with the most complex needs.

Responsive – We listen to our stakeholders, staff and clients and work collaboratively and in partnership with others to develop and deliver services to meet clients’ needs. We respond to individuals, to communities, to our partners, and to changing social policy. We are flexible and learn from our experiences. We analyse the data we collect, using this information to influence our own and others’ direction. We seek to ensure that we maintain a client focus in everything that we do.

Credible -We maintain credibility with our stakeholders and clients by employing experienced and committed staff and investing in their development and by striving to achieve excellence, efficiency and good value for money.

Open -We communicate with staff, clients and stakeholders in a way that is honest, transparent and accountable. We are committed to promoting diversity and equality, individual and group respect, rights and responsibilities.

Creative – We are open to change and innovation.


Lloyd Walker, Director
Lloyd Walker has over 25 years’ experience in the housing sector, having successfully provided a high standard of accommodation for vulnerable groups such as care leavers, young people and ex-offenders. Lloyd is passionate about making a difference to ex-offenders’ lives and giving them the opportunity to turn their lives around. He believes that good housing is the foundation on which this can be achieved.

Kingsley Bempah, Director of Operations
Kingsley has extensive experience in housing management working with ex-offenders London wide. He has worked with various charities in developing services and for vulnerable groups, including the homeless and people with substance dependency. He currently leads the delivery of ARKRS’s social care and offender services for people who have multiple needs including mental health issues.

Our board of trustees
Gill Pardoe
Helena Sutcliffe
Joe Benmore
Dr Godfred Boahen
Andrew Linton
Gilbert Stow
Lorna Walker


ARKRS supports ex-offenders on release from prison when they are at risk of homelessness. We focus on individuals who are marginalised, most excluded from other services and who require support to meet their basic human needs, whilst finding stability and addressing their offending and/or substance use. Other beneficiaries are close to independence and ARKRS helps them take the last few steps – or they are used to independence but need our support with issues placing them at risk of homelessness.


ARKRS specialises in working with offenders who receive short sentences, but are at high risk of re-offending and are vulnerable and/or a risk to themselves for the following reasons:

  • Mental ill health
  • Personality disorder
  • Offending history
  • Homelessness
  • Economic status
  • Substance misuse
  • Victims of abuse


ARK Resettlement Services was set up in 2014 by a group of interested agencies, including landlords – who identified a need for providing housing and support to vulnerable offenders and, following local surveys and research, came together to set up this specialist community organisation.

ARKRS began by dealing with low risk offending groups (i.e. less likely to re-offend). We are now the leading provider of housing for Haringey Integrated Offender Management (IOM) – made up of Police, Probation and Prison services – as well as Haringey Vulnerable Adults Team and other voluntary organisations.

Why choose us

  • High standard of accommodation
  • Experienced and committed staff
  • We aim to provide quality in-house training
  • We provide move on accommodation
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